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Jai Prakash Narayan: Socialism, Sarvodaya, Democracy, Nationalism | Political Science

Title: Modern Indian Thought Jai Prakash Narayan

Jai Prakash Narayan

11 Oct 1902 - 08 Oct 1979


General referred as JP or Loknayak. He was a socialist leader of India who advocated the principle of Sarvodaya and justice.

Political Thoughts of JP

  • Socialism
  • Sarvodaya
  • Nationalism
  • Modern democracy
  • Total Revolution


  • Narayan think the problem of economic disparity can be solved with the idea of Socialism and if the means should be divided equally among the people this problem can be solved. Which can be achieved through following means:
    • Decentralization of Agriculture
    • Decentralization of Small-Scale Industries
    • More effective loan and advance system for farmers to protect them from businessman.


  • Jaiprakash treated Sarvodaya as a method of Human Development not merely in its political sense but also in moral sense.
  • He established that human soul is pure and we all should make efforts to reach the highest form of human development
  • Sarvodaya՚s ultimate goal is to bring radical changes in the personal and social life.

Jaiprakash՚s Idea of Total Revolution

Total Revolution

Modern Democracy

  • Jai Prakash pushes the idea of constitutional democracy.
  • But for a true democracy the moral standards of both the leaders and the voters should be very high so that they can made their choices in the best of the interest of country.
  • He propounded a new form of democracy wherein all the political parties should be eliminated and very leader should run independently. Then elected members should reelect among themselves the forerunners of Parliament.


1. Comparison of the idea of Sarvodaya as propounded by Gandhi and JP

2. Concept of total revolution

3. Democratic establishment of a country like India

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