National Commission for Women: Political Science YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Establishment of the Commission

  • In 1974, the Committee on Status of Women in India recommended establishment of National Commission for Women
  • In 1988, National Perspective Plan for Women also recommended its establishment
  • In 1992, the National Commission for Women was constituted for upholding interests and rights of women
  • The Commission consists of a Chairperson, Five other members and Secretary.
  • The five members should be having experience in law, trade , management, health and social welfare
  • The Member Secretary should be an expert in field or an official of civil service
  • The Chaiperson and other members are nominated and their salary and allowances are prescribed by the Central Government
  • The Ministry of Women and Child Development is the Nidal Agency
  • Tenure of the Commission member is 3 years

Functions of the Commission

  • To investigate safeguards matters relating to Women
  • To present report on safeguards functioning to Central Government
  • To make recommendations for implementation of safeguards
  • To review the existing laws and Acts in the constitution related to women
  • To take up cases of violations to appropriate authority
  • To look into complaints related to women rights , protection of women, Provide welfare and relief to women
  • To study and investigate situations and problems against women
  • To undertake educational research for suggesting ways to ensure women representation in all Spheres
  • To participate in socio economic development plan for women
  • To inspect jail, remand home and other places of Women custody
  • The Annual report is presented to the Central Government
  • This report is placed in Both houses of Parliament by central Government along with a memorandum
  • In matters related to State Government; the copy of report is placed in state legislature by the respective state government along with memorandum

Working of the Commission

  • It processes received complaints
  • Categories from which complaints are such as Domestic Violence, Harrassment, Dowry, Rape, deprivation of rights, etc.
  • Specific cases are sent to Police authorities
  • Family Dispute through counseling
  • Constitutie Inquiry committee for immediate relief in serious matters

Strategies of the Commission

  • Economic empowerment of women
  • Political empowerment
  • Prevention of Violence and Discrimination
  • Improving conditions of disadvantaged women such as physically and socially challenged
  • Prevention of indecent representation of women

Cases Related to National Commission for Women

1. Bhateri Gang Rape Case (Rajasthan)

2. Capital Punishment/Death Penalty (Ramshree՚s case)

3. Obscenity cases

4. Against outdated customs and traditions Maimon Baskari՚s Nuh (Harayana) case

  • It has evolved the concept of PARIVARIK MAHILA LOK ADALAT (PMLA)
  • It supplements District Legal Service Authority for speedy redress of grievances
  • It provides speedy justice
  • To generate awareness
  • To empower women in justice delivery mechanism

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