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National Development Council

The NDC was established in August 1952 by an executive resolution of the Government of India on the recommendation of the First Five Year Plan. It is composed of the Prime Minister (as its Head) , all Union Cabinet Ministers, the Chief Ministers of all states, the Chief Ministers/Administrators of all Union Territories, the members of the Planning Commission.

The Secretary of the Planning Commission acts as the Secretary to the NDC. The chief objective of NDC is to secure cooperation of states in the execution of the plan.

The Draft Five Year Plan prepared by the Planning Commission is first submitted to the Union Cabinet. After its approval, it is placed before the NDC, for its acceptance.

The NDC is the highest body, below the Parliament, responsible for policy matters with regard to the planning for social and economic development. The NDC is listed as an advisory body to the Planning Commission. Its recommendations are not binding. It makes its recommendations to the Central and State Governments. It should meet atleast twice every year. The first and foremost function of NDC is to act as a bridge and link between the Central government, the state governments and the Planning Commission.

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