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Political Science Glossary: W

War CrimesThe International Law prescribes certain rules for the regulation of the conduct of the States during a war. If a party to war violates these rules and indulges in killing, torturing or inflicting pain the innocent people, it is termed as war crimes. During Second World War, Germany and Japan were convicted of the war crimes by the Nuremberg Tribunal and the Tokyo Tribunal respectively.
Welfare StatesThe notion of a Welfare State was developed in 20th century. A Welfare State, as distinct from a Police State, performs multifarious activities and functions to ensure the welfare of the people with respect to health, education, social development, creating employment, removal of poverty and hunger, amelioration of the weaker sections of the society.
WhipThis is an official appointed by a political party to regulate and monitor the behaviour of its members in the Legislature. The violation of whip invites the disciplinary action against the erring party members.
White FlagThe White Flag is the symbol of peace. It is displayed by a defeated and surrendering army in a war to signify its intention to surrender and request for peace.

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