Competitive Exams: Political Science Study Material Prerogatives of the Parliament

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Prerogatives of the Parliament

The Members of Parliament enjoy certain prerogatives and privileges, not enjoyed by other citizens. The intention behind this is to enable them to discharge their functions efficiently and fearlessly. These are enjoyed in two forms

  1. Individually. These are the prerogatives enjoyed by the Parliamentarians in an individual capacity.
  2. Collectively. There are certain privileges, which the members of the Parliament enjoy as a collective body.
    1. right to publish or not to publish the Parliamentary proceedings including the right to punish individuals for publishing such reports.
    2. right to exclude civilians from the House.
    3. right to regulate the internal affairs of the House.
    4. right to decide about its business.
    5. right to punish for the contempt of the House.
    6. right to punish Members and the outsiders for breach of its privileges.

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