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Qualifications to be the Vice-President

  1. No person shall be eligible to be elected as the Vice-President unless he-
    1. is a citizen of India
    2. has completed the age of 35 years
    3. is qualified for election as a member of Council of States
  2. A person holding any office of profit under the Government shall not be eligible for election as the Vice-President.
  3. The offices of the President, the Vice-President, the Governor of a State or the Minister of either the Union or the State shall not be considered as the offices of profit.

Terms of the Office of the Vice-President (Article 67)

  • The Vice-President is elected for a term of 5 years, or can continue until his successor enters upon the office.
  • The Vice-President may, by writing under his hand addressed to the President, resign his office.
  • The Vice-President can be removed from his office by a resolution of the Council of States (the Rajya Sabha) passed by a majority of all the then members of the Council of States and agreed to by the House of People (the Lok Sabha) . No formal impeachment is required.