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Special Powers of the Lok Sabha

There are certain powers which are constitutionally granted to the Lok Sabha and not to the Rajya Sabha. These powers are:

  • The Money and the Financial Bills can only originate in the Lok Sabha.
  • In case of a Money Bill, the Rajya Sabha has only the right to make recommendations and the Lok Sabha may or may not accept the recommendation. Also, a Money Bill must be passed by the Upper House within a period of 14 days. Otherwise, the Bill shall blFautomatically deemed to be passed by the House. Thus, the Lok Sabha enjoys exclusive legislative jurisdiction over the passage of the Money Bills.
  • The Council of Jyjjnisters are only responsible to the Lok Sabha and hence the Confidence and the No-Confidence motions can be introduced in this House only.
  • Under Art. 352, the LokSabha in a special sitting can disapprove the continuance of a National Emergency proclaimed by the President, even if the Rajya Sabha rejects such a resolution.