Competitive Exams: Major Political Science Terminology Differences

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Fee and Tax

Fee is regarded as a sort of return on consideration for the services rendered. Therefore, the levy of fee must be proved to be quid pro quo for the services offered. On the other hand, tax is a compulsory extraction of money by the public authority for public purposes and it is not the payment for services rendered. A tax can be levied only after the approval of the Legislature.

Curfew and Prohibitory Order

Curfew is an act resorted to after there has been a public disorder. When imposed, it may severely restrict freedom of movement in the affected area. On the other hand, Prohibitory order is a preventive measure to safeguard law and order in the society. When imposed, it prohibits the assembly of five or more persons at the same place. Criminal procedure is initiated in the case of violation by any private individual in either case to the obedience of citizens, was truly pluralist.

Returning Officer and Presiding Officer

The Returning officer is an official in-charge of the entire constituency, right from the nomination to the declaration of the election results. Generally, the District Magistrate is appointed as the Returning Officer. On the other hand, the Presiding Officer is the head of a polling booth and functions under the control of the Returning Officer.

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