Polity Study Material: Lok Sabha Speaker

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The Speaker

Election: The Speaker of the Lok Sabha is elected by the members of Lok Sabha by a simple majority. The term of his office is co terminus with the life of the House itself. Power and Functions

  1. He presides over the sitting of Lok Sabha and the joint session of Parliament.
  2. He decides whether a particular Bill is a Money BUI or not his decision is final.
  3. He determines the order of the business in the House in consultation with the Leader of the House.
  4. He decides about the admissibility of questions and Adjournment Motions, etc.
  5. He appoints Chairmen of the Select Committees.
  6. He maintains proper decorum in the House. He warns disorderly members and suspends them from sittings of the House.

If any member flouts his authority. Removal: The House of the People can remove the Speaker at any time by a resolution passed by the majority of the members of the time being. Such a resolution can be introduced in the House only after a notice has been given to that effect at least fourteen days in advance.

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