Types of Communication Part 2 YouTube Lecture Handouts for Competitive Exams

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Types of Communication Based On

  • Communication Media – Denotative or Connotative

  • Ways – One-Way or two way

  • No. of Sides – one-sided or two-sided

  • Channels – Verbal (oral/written) & non-verbal

Image of Types of Communication

Image of Types of Communication

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  • Style & Purpose – Formal and informal (horizontal/upward/ downward)

  • Network – lateral, Hub, Chain, Y shaped, Circle, Grapevine

  • Distance – Intimate, personal, social, public

  • Function – Expressive, Informational

  • Types of Information – Technical , financial, economic, behavioural

  • Level – conventional, exploratory, participative, confronting

  • Flow – Downward, upward and horizontal

  • Density – high (articles, monographs in libraries) , low (causal conversation)

  • Obviousness – Explicit (business contract), implicit (b/w friends)

Image of Communication

Image of Communication

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