Strategies for Teaching: Concepts Attainment Analogical, Discovery and Expository Learning YouTube Lecture Handouts for Competitive Exams

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5 Strategies for Teaching Concepts -Teaching Aptitude

Concept Attainment Model

  • Asks pupils to form hypotheses about why particular examples are members of a category and what that category (concept) might be.

  • By Bruner

  • With the intention of introducing, teaching and nurturing students critical thinking skills

Analogical Instruction

  • Connection of prior knowledge

  • By identifying known inference that relates to a new concept, teachers and students can map the analogies between the known and the new

  • Used for problem solving

  • Used in scientific teaching in heterogeneous groups

Discovery Learning

  • Teacher presents examples and the students work with the examples until they discover the interrelationships.

  • Encourage inductive learning – also called rule method

Expository Learning Model

  • By Ausubel

  • Meaningful verbal learning – verbal information, ideas and relationships among ideas, taken together

  • Learning from general to specific

Concept Mapping

  • Doing exercises, solving problems, writing, reading, explaining or any other activity that requires them to apply their new understanding.

  • Develop the network of schematic knowledge of concept