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Creating Bonafide Research - 2 External & 4 Internal Validity


  • It is an extent to which a concept, conclusion or measurement.
  • It is well-founded and corresponds accurately to the real world.
  • A measurement tool.

Internal Validity

  • Test what it is supposed to Measure.
  • Refers to how well an experiment is done specially whether it avoids confounding.

External Validity

  • It is a validity of generalized inferences in scientific research.
  • Usually based on experiments as experimental validity.

How well it can be generalized to others

External Validity

Population Validity

  • How well the sample can be extrapolated to a population as a whole

Ecological Validity

  • Test environment & determines how much it influences behavior

Construct Validity

Association of Test with Theory

Construct Validity

Convergent Validity

  • Test returns similar results with other tests.

Discriminant Validity

  • Doesn՚t measure what it isn՚t meant to measure.
  • Also known as divergent validity tests.
  • Campbell and Fiske (1959) introduced the concept of discriminant validity.

Content/Face Validity

On the Face of it, does it looks like what it is supposed to measure

Crierion Validity

Formative Validity

  • Assess how well a measure is able to provide information to improve program.
  • Example: When designing a rubric for history one could assess student՚s knowledge across the discipline.

Sampling Validity

  • Sampling from all domains and limit expert biasness.
  • Focused on the breadth of items item validity focuses on their depth.