Inductive and Deductive Approach: Aimed and Testing Theory

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Inductive vs. Deductive Approach

  • Deductive approach is aimed and testing theory; begins with a hypothesis, emphasis is generally on causality; quantitative research

  • Inductive approach is concerned with the generation of new theory emerging from the data; uses research question to narrow scope of study; exploring new phenomena or previously researched phenomena from a different perspective; qualitative research -grounded theory by Glaser and Strauss (begin with open mind and generate new theory based on data)

  • Inductive approaches are generally associated with qualitative research, whilst deductive approaches are more commonly associated with quantitative research.

  • The following research methods, empirico-inductive paradigm is employed.

  • Ethnographic probe

  • Case study

  • Narrative method

  • In-depth interviews

  • Phenomenology

  • Direct observation, etc.

  • This is specially used for small but wide or in-depth study. In simpler words, it represents a holistic approach.

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