Lactose Intolerance-Which Milk is Good? Goat Milk, Camel Milk, Cow Milk or Buffalo Milk YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Lactose Intolerance - Which Milk is Good? Goat Milk, Camel Milk, Cow Milk or Buffalo Milk

Goat, Camel, Cow or Buffalo

Goat, Camel, Cow or Buffalo
Flavor-Flavor can be strong in comparisonSimilar to cow milkSweeter than other milks
CholesterolHigher than buffalo or camel milkHigher than buffalo or camel milkLower cholesterol than cow or goat milkLower cholesterol than cow or goat milk
Vitamins and mineralsHigher fat and protein than human milkLow in B6 and B12

Higher in calcium than cow milk

Similar to cow՚s milk, although higher in calcium3 times higher in vitamin C than cow՚s milk

10 times higher in iron

Less vitamin A and B2

Protein3.29 %3.56 %4 %2.2 - 5 %
Lactose4.7 %4.1 %4.8 %4.8 %
Fat1 - 3 %3 - 6 %7 - 8 %3 - 5 %
Cross reactivity of milk proteinCasein antibody cross-reactivity with goat and cow.

2 - 3 % infants allergic to milk proteins.

Similar casein structure to human milk and different from cow.

Those allergic to cow milk might also be allergic to goat milk in about 25 % of the cases

Some protein antibody cross-reactivity with goat and cow.

Very less case of Buffalo milk tolerance when allergic to cow milk

Little or no cross-reactivity between cow and camel milk proteins. This indicates that those allergic to cow milk can drink camel milk.
Fat characteristicNeeds to be homogenized or fat rises to the top

Large fat molecules with tendency to clump

Larger number of small fat molecules than cow milk

Smaller softer curd

No cream formation

No agglutinin, so the fat do not clump together & is easier to digest.

Has more essential fatty acids such as linoleic and arachnodonic, and higher medium chain fatty acids

Smaller molecules which don՚t clump together like in cow՚s milk

Contains lower levels of agglutinin compared to cow՚s milk but has similar digestibility.

Does not contain enough agglutinin and therefore fat molecules do not clump together

Size of the fat molecules are similar to cows

Butte or CurdFat separates easily, butter made by churningLacks agglutinin, difficult to make butter by churningYogurt is thick and creamyButter is made using a centrifuge.

Easily made into yogurt

HealthRich in calcium & vitamin DEasy to digest & alkaline

Better for those with lactose intolerance.

Low in cholesterol

Good source of calcium and other vitamins and minerals

Used to treat type 1 diabetes (contains insulin like molecules)

Strengthens cellular immune response

High in lactoferrin which has antimicrobial activity

Reduces allergic response in children

ProblemsLactose intolerance & milk allergies like atopic dermatitis, diarrhea, and constipation.Better tolerated better than cow՚s milkCan lead to lactose intoleranceBetter tolerated than cow՚s milk

Free Fatty Acids

amount of free fatty acids released followed the order: goat ~camel > cattle > buffalo. The higher digestibility of goat and camel whole milk was believed to be due to the small size of their fat globules, as the fat globule sizes of the different milks were in the order: buffalo (3.9 – 7.7 μm) > cattle (1.6 – 4.9 μm) > goat (1.1 – 3.9 μm) ~camel (1.1 – 2.1 μm) .

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