NCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 15: Air YouTube Lecture Handouts

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NCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 15: Air

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Role & Presence of Air

  • Windmill

  • Birds fly

  • Seeds disperse

  • Important in water cycle

  • Weather cock – direction of moving air

  • 👉 Clothes dry

  • Pages of book flip when fan is on…

  • 👉 Dip empty flask in water and you see bubbles (when vertical water cannot enter but when tilted water enters – air that escapes)

  • Air is present everywhere and occupies all the available space.

  • All the vehicles move on tyres which are filled with the compressed air

  • Air has no color

  • Air is transparent

  • Air has weight

  • Air is present in atmosphere

  • Air is mixture of gases – water vapor, oxygen (mountaineers carry oxygen), nitrogen (4/5th part and does not support burning), carbon dioxide in small component, dust and smoke

  • 👉 2 candles are burnt – keep in water beaker with inverted flask – water level rises (as oxygen burns out, candle extinguishes and space is used by water – but water does not fill completely as rest of the gases are left)

  • 👉 Beam of light entering a dark room – shining small particles (dust is present and varies with time and place) – Dust leads to dull flowers and roadside

  • Fine hair in our nostrils prevent dust from entering (breathing through mouth is harmful)

  • Boiling water – we see bubbles (air) – water organisms use dissolved oxygen in water

  • Water when poured in soil displaces air – burrow holes

  • When it rains heavily water fills up the space

  • 👉 Oxygen is replaced in atmosphere by photosynthesis (interdependence of plants and animals)

  • Air Pollution – Dust, Smoke, Chemicals and Germs

  • Prevent Pollution

  • Create awareness

  • Prefer biodegradable material

  • Minimize waste and recycle

  • Reuse and reduce

- Role and Presence of Air

- Role and Presence of Air

- Role and Presence of Air

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