Self-Pollination vs. Cross Pollination: 6 Major Differences YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Self-Pollination vs. Cross Pollination: 6 Major Differences | NSO | Olympiad | Science Class 7


  • Same flower or another flower of same plant
  • No huge amount of pollen grains needed
  • No scented flowers needed
  • Maintain purity of race
  • New varieties are not produced
  • Disease resistance decreases

Cross Pollination

  • Another plant
  • Disease resistance increases
  • New variety with new characters
  • Cross pollination depends on pollinating agents
  • Flowers must be scented
  • Pollens are produced in large number and wasteful


Self-Pollination and Cross Pollination
Self-PollinationCross Pollination
Same flower or flower of same plantFrom one flower to another flower of another plant
No pollinating agents neededPollinating agents required
Anther & Stigma mature at same timeAnther & stigma mature at different times
Unisexual flowersBisexual flowers
Offspring identical to parentsOffspring are mixed of male & female
No new varieties FormedNew Varieties are Formed

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