UGC NET (Social Work) : Principles of Social Case Work Related MCQ

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What is Social Work

  • Social problems
  • Poverty, crime, depression, discrimination, drug addiction, mental health, education, housing and sanitation, migration, slums, Not getting career.

Definition of Social Case Work

  • “Social case work means those processes which develop personality through adjustment consciously affected, individual by individual, between men and their social environment.” Richmond (1922)
  • In short social work is scientific method to deal with social problems.

Methods of Social Work Practice

Primary Methods of Social Work

  • Social case work
  • Social group work
  • Community organization

Auxiliary Method of Social Work

  • Social research
  • Social welfare administration
  • Social action

Principles of Social Case Work Practice Given by Biestek

  • The principal of individualization
  • The principal of purposeful expression of feeling
  • The principal of controlled emotional improvements
  • The principal of acceptance
  • The principal of non-judgmental attitude
  • The principal of Client self determination
  • The principal of confidentiality

The Principal of Individualization

  • Every individual same as well as Every individual is unique
  • Two persons is not same
  • Problem effect Vary individual to individual

Role of social worker:

  • Understand client problem on their perspective
  • Make a plan to solve his problem
  • Resources mobilization
  • Make client capable to deal with his/her problem

Principles of Purposeful Expression of Feeling

  • Sympathy and Empathy concepts
  • Involvement carefully
  • Express Emotions consciously

The Principal of Acceptance

  • Accept your client irrespective of class, castes, opinion, gender or any other characteristics
  • don՚t judge Their past actions
  • Why problem happens see in detail through acceptance

Role of Social worker through acceptance:

  • Find Prejudice Behaviour And change accordingly
  • Find person or community strength and use for wellbeing for their own

The Principal of Non-Judgmental Attitude

  • don՚t judge for clients opinion
  • Make your expression consciously
  • Try to understand client problem and situation
  • Make solutions for future

The Principal of Self Determination

  • don՚t force to take one type of decision
  • Use your skills and protect whole picture
  • Show Client multiple options and their Predicted consequence.
  • Empowerment for taking decisions
  • decision must take by client

Principles of Confidentiality

  • don՚t share with anyone
  • If it is necessary to share, then make proper precaution For client Safety.
  • If somebody get harm, then you have to break confidentiality

Related MCQ

1. Following this which one is not a principal of social case work?

(A) acceptance

(B) Client self determination

(C) Sympathy

(D) Individualization

Answer: (C)

Explanation: as we all discuss sympathy is not a principal in social case work

2. what is not social case work?

(A) Help individual through counselling

(B) Resources mobilization on client community

(C) Involve emotionally as much as you can

(D) Enhance your client confidante so they can take his/her decision their own

Answer: (C)

Explanation: because you has to involve emotionally but consciously and cant too much because it՚s not good for clients- worker relationship. You can՚t solve his/her problem.

3. In which situation you can՚t disclose your client confidentiality

1. When you՚re confused about how to tackle client situation and you decided to talk with other social case worker

2. You find danger for someone through your client talk. You or Client may harm someone

3. Coincidentally you know clients family members and he/she ask about details

4. Your family members ask, and you trust them that they not tell or harm anyone

Choose the Correct Option

(A) Only 1 is correct

(B) 1 and 4 is correct

(C) only 3 is correct

(D) 3 and 4 is correct

Answer: (D)

Explanation: there are certain situations then only you break confidentiality.

4. Which is not the main method of social work.

(A) social research

(B) social case work

(C) social group work

(D) community organization

Answer: (A)

Explanation: Social research is auxiliary method in Social work

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