Alienation: Four Basic Components, Meaning, Cause and Result

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Alienation: Karl Marx - Components, Results, Structure of Capitalism | Sociology
  • Meaning: the state or experience of being alienated.
  • Cause - Structure of capitalism
  • Labour time to capitalists
  • Loses time, interest, enthuse

Four Basic Components

  • Alienation from productive activity
  • Alienation from product
  • Alienation from fellow workers
  • Alienation from their own human potential


  • No interconnections
  • No creativity
  • Unhappy, discontent
  • Crippled monstrosity
  • No headwork only hand work
  • One direction mind


1. When the individual stands up against the group the process is called

(a) Conflict

(b) Competition

(c) Alienation

(d) Un-socialization

Ans. (c)

2. In Marx՚s theory, the ‘mode of production’ means:

a) the way in which products are made in a factory

b) the average measure of productivity under capitalism

c) the organization of a society՚s technical and human resources

d) an integral part of the superstructure of a society

Ans: (c)

3. According to Marx, work in the capitalist society offers no intrinsic satisfaction to the worker because it is forced and done for someone else. This lead to which of the following types of alienation?

a. Worker՚s alienation from the products of his work

b. Worker՚s alienation from the process of his work

c. Worker՚s alienation from himself

d. Worker՚s alienation from others

Ans. (b)

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