Displacement, Introduction Sociology YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Title: Displacement

Displacement: Introduction, Migration, Push & Pull Factors | Sociology


  • Universal phenomena
  • Migration trend
  • Rural to urban
  • Less developed to developed
  • Brain drains


  • Emotional cost
  • Economic cost
  • Bigger picture in mind
  • Migration is not same as displacement

Pull and Push Factors

Pull Factors

  • Betterment
  • Education
  • Job
  • Leisure
  • Economic interests
  • Health

Push Factors

  • lack of opportunities
  • Loss of possession, etc.

Factors of Displacement

Economic Factors

  • Search for better opportunities
  • Face problems
  • Lack of finances
  • Survival difficult

Geographical Factors

  • Better climate
  • Away from vulnerable areas

Social Factors

  • Wars
  • Social evils and exclusion
  • Rejection from society

Political Factors

  • Shift from Govt.
  • Comes with due awareness
  • E. g. , Democratic Govt. preferred


  • Less developed to more developed
  • Better opportunities
  • Permanent settlement

Other Factors

  • Access to new land
  • High and easy access to transport
  • No restrictions on mobility


Q. 1. Which of the following statements are true?

Statement 1: People are normally considered ‘migrants’ if they remain outside their original place of residence for a period of at least three months.

Statement 2: Displacement is a particular form of migration, in which individuals are forced to move against their will.


i. Statement 1 only

ii. Statement 2 only

iii. Both are wrong

iv. Both are right

Answer: iv

Q. 2. Which of this/these are the factors responsible for displacement?

i. Government՚s failure to provide basic services

ii. Climate change

iii. Population trapped in poverty

iv. All of these

Answer: iv

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