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  • Latin word educare – to bring up
  • Education as an institution
  • Socialize
  • Formal ways
  • Transmission of cultural heritage
  • Skills, habits, behaviour, relationships
  • Strong relationship between society and education

Role of Education

Role of Education


  • Learning process
  • Training
  • Managing and inculcating knowledge
  • Aims to:
    • 3 β‚Ή
    • Social values
    • Regulate behaviour
    • Acquainting with environment – physical, social
    • Degree and job
    • Righteousness
    • Awareness of rights and duties


  • Solution to various social problems
  • Civilized individuals
  • Spirit of competition
  • Transmission of cultural heritage
  • Social control
  • Social cohesion – latent function
  • Reinforce values
  • Common identity
  • The ability to get along with others
  • Learning to think for oneself
  • To know, to process and to be – UNESCO 1973
  • Individual development
  • New knowledge
  • Agent of change
  • Career placement
  • Social mobility
  • Curb inequality
  • Meritocracy


  • Article 21A – Right to Education
  • Skilled, educated and disciplined workforce
  • Specialized schools
  • Vocational training
  • Options to choose
  • E-learning, overseas learning
  • Role of IT


Q. 1. Which statement refers to the two way relationship between education and society?

i. The school is created by society to recreate itself

ii. The school is a miniature social system.

iii. The society plans to have schools.

iv. The school is a creature of society.

ANS: i

Q. 2. Consider the following sentences and choose the right option: 1. An evaluation of one՚s status is partially decided by what kind of education one has received. 2. Many of the important criteria of class are partially the result of the type and amount of education one has had.

i. Education is related with class position

ii. Education is related to one՚s position in the stratification structure.

iii. Conferring of status is a function of education

iv. All of these

Ans: iv

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0: 00 Education

0: 14 Introduction of Education

1: 05 Role of Education

2: 05 Education

3: 59 Functions of Education

7: 29 Conclusion

8: 42 MCQ about Education

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