Gandhi Gandhian Economics, Trusteeship Sociology YouTube Lecture Handouts

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MK Gandhi: Gandhian Economics, Trusteeship | Sociology

Favoured Trusteeship

  • Theory of trusteeship
  • With reference to basic needs of the people and animals
  • More active = more production
  • Satisfaction of basic needs ensures nobody is poor
  • Even though the ones with surplus will be rich
  • The term trusteeship used to ensure that the rich did not exploit the poor
  • His vision to spread the idea of trusteeship from India to various parts of the world
  • Exploitation and surplus lead to war and conflict
  • With reference to trusteeship, he said, “As to the successor, the trustee in office would have the right to nominate his successor subject to the legal sanction.”

The Idea of Trusteeship

  • All humans are born equal and have a right to equal opportunity therefore, all the basic needs must be satisfied
  • All humans are endowned with equal intellectual and physical capacity the ones who have more capacity should treat themselves as trustees of the produce beyond their basic needs
  • Violence and force as modes of distribution of produce should be rejected
  • Gandhi rejected the concept of modern economics՚ Homo economicus (rationality based on self-interest)
  • Western school based on multiplication of wants
  • Thus, personal interest < social interest
  • Priority on meeting the basic needs of all through self-employment.


  • Swadeshi
  • Self-reliance at the individual and village levels


  • Mass production and industrialization
  • Extremes of capitalism and communism
  • Gap between rich and poor

Gandhian Economics in Contemporary Society

  • Web-linked villages, self-dependent even in remote areas
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Local supply chains empowered
  • Local harnessing of renewable energy


Q 1.

Statement 1: Marx saw labour handicapped as it did not own the means and tools of production.

Statement 2: Gandhi՚s charkha visualized the opposite reality.

In the light of the above statements, choose the correct options:

1. Both are true

2. Both are false

3. Statement 1 is true and Statement 2 is false

4. Statement 2 is true and Statement 1 is true

Answer: 1

Q 2. Who coined the term Gandhian Economics?

1. J C Kumarappa

2. Amartya Sen

3. Bidyut Chakrabarty

4. Anthony Parel

Answer: 1

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