Globalization, Americanization and McDonaldization: George Ritzer

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  • Lauding western values, practices
  • Influencing others to follow
  • Presented as superior
  • Impact of America and its norms, structures, institutions on the rest of the world
  • E. g. food Chain run by American Brands, American products exported to rest of the world
  • Determines choices, habits, fashion of people
  • Profit making


  • The McDonaldization of Society, 1993
  • George Ritzer
  • Developing new means of consumption
  • Influenced by Weber՚s work – Rationality
  • Formal rationality of modern world

Four dimensions:

  • Efficiency
  • Predictability
  • Quantity over quality or calculability
  • Substituting humans with machines or control
  • E. g. Fast food

McDonaldization Reflects Americanization

  • Medialization of credit cards
  • Fast money
  • Easier loans
  • Preapproved cards
  • Increased consumption
  • Large debts
  • Dehumanized employees, low/no interaction
  • Customer service robot like


  • Share of culture, products, money across borders with the help of trade, technology and communication, etc.
  • Linking economies
  • Social process
  • Exchange of culture, traditions, values too
  • Economic interdependence


Globalization refers to the rapidly increasing worldwide integration and interdependence of societies and cultures … He defines it as involving a worldwide diffusion of practices, relations, and forms of social organization and the growth of global consciousness. - Ritzer


  • Consumption of vast quantities
  • Third cultures
  • Exist globally

Transcend boundaries:

  • Finanscape - stocks
  • Ethnos cape- tourism
  • Techno space - internet

Popular Books

  • The McDonaldization of Society
  • Sociological Theory
  • Contemporary Sociological Theory and Its Classical Roots: The Basics
  • Essentials of Sociology
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • The Globalization of Nothing
  • Globalization: The Essentials


1. Who described the phenomenon of globalization in today՚s world as ‘globalization of nothing’ ?

(A) George Ritzer

(B) Jean Baudrillard

(C) Anthony Giddens

(D) Michel Foucault

Ans: (A)

2. Sarah travels from her home in New Jersey to a vacation condo in New Mexico and is relieved to find that she can enjoy the same juicy burger at her favorite hamburger chain so far away from home. Which concept of McDonaldization is at work?

(A) Calculability

(B) Predictability

(C) Efficiency

(D) Control

Ans: (B)