Competitive Exams Writing: Homework

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Many teachers assign homework to students every day. Do you think that daily homework is necessary for students? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Homework helps students to understand material more deeply. However, some people believe that homework does not bring any benefits. Personally, I think that this issue has some advantages and disadvantages. In this essay first I will focus on the reasons why I support this idea about daily homework and then I will move on to analyzing its disadvantages.

From the one side, daily homework brings many benefits. As I already mentioned, it helps students understand subjects more deeply. Also, young people learn how to arrange their time to have all things done on time. In addition to those practical benefits daily homework teaches students how to make their own research if something is not clear. Curiosity is one of the main reasons that leads a person to a success. Students learn to make their research, work with different kinds of informational resources such as an Internet, books, magazines, journals and newspapers. I think it is a great experience and it is very good for a long run.

From the other side, daily homework can bring many disadvantages. For instance, if a person has no interest in biology, but has a huge interest in music he has to spend his precious time doing his homework and reading uninteresting books instead of spending this time practicing new melodies. Another important aspect of this that a student can have no time for his physical activities. So, basically, doing daily homework will not keep him in a good shape.

To sum up, I think that an intermediate position can be taken. For example, a student will have to do his daily homework if he is going to specialize in this field in the future.