Admission Tests: Books for Buddhist, Jaina, Gandhian and Peace Studies Subject

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  1. Buddhist Studies by Richard F. Gombrich-
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  3. Buddhist Studies by Ahir D C-
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  5. Jaina Studies by Colette Caillat-
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  7. Jaina Studies: Proceedings of 2010 Panel in Matburg, Germany by Jayaandra Soni-
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  9. The political thought of Mahatma Gandhi (Gandhian studies and peace research series) by K. S Bharathi-
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  11. Thoughts of Gandhi and Vinoba (Gandhian studies and peace research series) by K. S Bharathi-
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  13. The Social Philosophy of Mahatama Gandhi (Gandhian Studies and Peace Research Series) by K. S. Bharathi-
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  15. Peace Studies: The Discipline And Dimensions by Ashu Pasricha
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  17. Peace And Conflict Studies by Dr. Ashok Chand-
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  19. Women in Peace Politics (South Asian Peace Studies) by Paula Banerjee-
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