Admission Tests: Books for Forensic Science Subject

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  1. Forensic Science in Crime Investigation by Nabar BS-
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  3. Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific Crime Detection-Third Indian Reprint by Walls-
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  5. Forensic Science: Principles & Concepts by Nishant Singh-
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  7. Forensic Science: The Basics, Second Edition by Jay A. Siegel-
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  9. Forensic Science UGC Net/JRF-MCQ՚s by Dr. Anu Singla-
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • S/m, I want to take admission in MSc/ MA forensic/ criminology in LNJN Rohini (preferly). So pls tell me about admission form date & preferred books for entrance.

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    1 Answer

    Kindly contact the university for the same.

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