Admission Tests: Books for Library Science Subject

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  1. Dictionary of Library and Information Science by Ravindra Pandey-
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  3. Net-studies in Library and Information Science by Khalid Kamal Faruqi-
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  5. Multiple Choice Questions in Library & Information Science by Deepmala Nigam-
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  7. Objective Questions In Library And Information Science by k. Kumar C. Lal-
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  9. Library Science: Functions and Practices by M. Dawra-
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  11. Research Methods for Library Science by VD Yadav-
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  13. CBSE UGC-NET/SET: Library and Information Science (Paper II and III) Guide (Popular Master Guide) by Ravindra Pandey-
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  15. UGC-NET: Library and Information Science Papers Solved by RPH Editorial Board-
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  17. UGC NET/JRF/SET Library and Information Science (Paper II & III) by Dr. Sarojanand Jha-
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