Admission Tests: Books for Music Subject

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  1. Indian Music: Multiple Choice Questions by M Haroon Shelender Kumar Gowami-
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  3. Music Of India: Classical Inst by Brij Bhushan Kabra-
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  5. Music Of India by Ravi Shankar-
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  7. Music in India: The Classical Traditions by Bonnie C. Wade-
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  9. Music of India: A Scientific Study by B. Chaitanya Deva-
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  11. The Music of India by Reginald Massey-
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  13. The Music Book by Sarie Smith-
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  15. Jewels of Indian Classical Music-Musical Ecstasy by Bismillah Khan-
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  17. UGC NET Music Exam Guide: Paper II and III by Gunjan Saxena-
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  19. UGC NET SLET SET JRF Entrance Examination (Music) by Bhagyaleskhmy S-
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