Admission Tests: Political Science BookList

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Objective Types

  1. Political Theory-Eddy Ashirvatham
  2. Political Theory-O P Gauba - Buy from Amazon
  3. Political Theory-Amal Ray, Mohit Bhattacharya. - Buy from Amazon
  4. Comparative Politics-R. Chilkote
  5. Political Theory-Amal Ray & Mohit Bhattacharya.
  6. Introduction to Indian Constitution-D D Basu - Buy from Amazon
  7. India՚s Struggle for Independence-Bipan Chandra. - Buy from Amazon
  8. Introduction to Indian constitution-D D Basu.
  9. Our Parliament-S C Kashyap
  10. Our Constitution-S C Kashyap
  11. Comparative Govt. & Politics- V N Khanna
  12. Comparative Govt. & Politics-K R Bombwal

Subjective Types

Paper I Section A

  1. A History of Political thought -Subrata Mukherjee, Susheela Ramaswamy
  2. A History of Political thought -J. P. Suda
  3. For Manu & Kautilya - Foundations of Indian Political thought V. R. Mehta - Buy from Amazon
  4. Modern Political Theory-S. P. Verma
  5. Modern Political Theory-Madan Gandhi
  6. Political Theory-Eddy Ashirvatham
  7. Political Theory-J. C. Johri
  8. Political Theory-Ray & Bhattacharya - Buy from Amazon

Paper I Section B

  1. Comparative Govt. & Politics-J. C. Johri
  2. Comparative Govt. & Politics-Ronald Chilkote
  3. Modern Indian Political Thinkers-V. P. Verma
  4. Foundations of Indian Political Thought-V. R. Mehta - Buy from Amazon
  5. Indian Govt. and Politics-A. S. Narang
  6. Indian Govt. and Politics-J R Siwach
  7. Indian Govt and Politics-M P Singh, Himanshu Roy
  8. Politics in India-Rajani Kothari
  9. Govt. and Politics of India-W H Morris Jones

Paper II Section A

  1. Theoretical aspects of International Politics-Mahendra Kumar
  2. Politics among Nations-Morganthu
  3. International Politics-Schuman - Buy from Amazon

Paper II Section B

  1. International Politics-Bookhives - Buy from Amazon
  2. Regular issues of Frontline & World Focus (magazine)

Majority of Books referred for both mains and Prelims Syllabus are availabe in Hindi Medium (Good one is Fadia) also.