History of USA 2004 Solved MCQs TISS Exam Set 1

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Q. 1 America was named after:

(a) Christopher Columbus

(b) Amerigo Vespucci

(c) George Washington

Answer: B

Q. 2 The Peace Treaty of American Independence in 1783 was signed in the City of:

(a) Philadelphia

(b) London

(c) Paris

(d) Washington D. C

Answer: C

Q. 3 “Uncle Tom՚s Cabin” has been written by:

(a) Harriet Beacher

(b) Paula Jones

(c) Monica Lewinsky

Answer: A

Q. 4 American Colonization Society was to:

(a) Support American expansionism

(b) Support anti-slavery movement

(c) Settle Negros in Africa

Answer: C

Q. 5 The only President to enjoy four terms:

(a) George Washington

(b) Thomson Jefferson

(c) Andrew Jackson

(d) Franklin D. Roosevelt

Answer: D

Q. 6 The “Gold Rush” of California occurred in:

(a) 1848

(b) 1862

(c) 1865

(d) 1914

Answer: A

Q. 7 Next to Cotton the most valuable American export in 1860 was:

(a) Cotton manufacturers

(b) Tobacco

(c) Wheat

(d) Lumber

Answer: B

Q. 8 Who were called indentured servants?

(a) Indians

(b) Europeans

(c) Black (d) British

Answer: B

Q. 9 French aid the American Revolutionary War because:

(a) The French Government was devoted to democratic ideas

(b) The Estate General forced the King to help

(c) The French expected to regain Louisiana

(d) The French wanted revenge on England

Answer: D

Q. 10 The Constitution of the United States provides that amendments may be proposed by:

(a) Congress

(b) The President

(c) Governors of the States

(d) States Conventions

Answer: A

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