History of USA 2010 Solved MCQs TISS Exam Set 2

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Q. 11 Locomotive was invented by Peter Couper in:

(a) 1820

(b) 1830

(c) 1835

Answer: B

Q. 12 United States of America Steel Corporation was established in:

(a) 1891

(b) 1897

(c) 1901

Answer: C

Q. 13 America entered World War-I in:

(a) 1915

(b) 1917

(c) 1918

Answer: B

Q. 14 Alva Edison invented Phonograph in:

(a) 1872

(b) 1876

(c) 1878

(d) None of these

Answer: D

Q. 15 Elijah Muhammad assumed leadership of the Black Muslims Movement in:

(a) 1930

(b) 1934

(c) 1936

Answer: A

Q. 16 Korean war started in:

(a) 1948

(b) 1950

(c) 1953

Answer: B

Q. 17 D. David Eisenhower was elected U. S. President (I term) in:

(a) 1950

(b) 1952

(c) 1953

Answer: B

Q. 18 Who had said, “Ask not what your country do for you,” say what you can do for your country?

(a) George Washington

(b) Abraham Lincoln

(c) John F. Kennedy

Answer: C

Q. 19 Martin Luther King won the Novel Peace Prize in:

(a) 1958

(b) 1960

(c) 1964

Answer: C

Q. 20 American Troops finally left Vietnam after the end of the war in:

(a) 1970

(b) 1973

(c) 1975

Answer: B

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