Aim of the TOEFL Test

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Aim of TOEFL test is

  • To examine the English competency of people, basically the non-native English speakers
  • MNCs, government organizations, scholarship programs and recruitment agencies use TOEFL scores to examine expertise in English
  • CBT: TOEFL test on computer combines many of the same question types as the traditional paper-based test with new question types that can be provided only in the computer format. This is an easy to use testing system for the basic computer users.

The Computer-Based TOEFL Test is comprised of 4 sections-

  • Section 1: Listening: Examine student's ability to understand North American English.
  • Section 2: Structure (Grammar): Examine student's ability to understand language as per the standard written English.
  • Section 3: Reading: Examine student's ability to understand non-technical reading material.
  • Section 4: Writing: Examine student's ability to communicate ideas in standard written English.