How to prepare for TOEFL

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Correct References

  • Combination of a book and test software which is simulating the original test, you can also find them in your language center or in university library.
  • Longman Preparation Course TOEFL is useful pertaining to the essay writing.
  • For other sections test software is good. Besides 4 realistic complete tests which take four hours each and come close to the actual TOEFL test, several mini tests are available.
  • The reading and listening part are automatically judged, so that you can get an idea about the resulting TOEFL score.
  • Kaplan preparation software provides 4 realistic complete tests but no mini tests. The texts and listening sections are rather tough and challenging.

Test Centers

  • Generally, test centers have 10 − 20 computers, just separated by thin paper walls.
  • For the listening and speaking parts, a headset is available.
  • As you begin the test, you have to sign some forms and a picture of you is taken to identify the candidates. This picture is also printed on your TOEFL certificate.
  • A random generator will give you one of the computers.
  • After a brief introduction by the test supervisor you can begin the test.

During the Test

  • Only water bottle is allowed.
  • Between the listening and speaking part which is after about half of the test, you can leave the room for a 10-minutes break to use washroom or eat something.
  • Using washroom is allowed in between the test also. You have to pause the test and find out and log-in again when you come back.
  • TOEFL interface is similar to any practice software programs if you did one of it before:

Helpful Strategies for Speaking Section

If you hurry in first two parts and skip explanations, noise during your speaking section will be quite low as your colleagues are busy with the listening part or in the break. Major drawback is that it is getting quite noisy when you initiate with the writing part.

Another good strategy is to take as much time as possible, complete about 10 minutes later than your neighbors. You can be in room during the break and use the time to listen to the spoken answers of your neighbors and take notes. With this additional knowledge then speaking part might prove relatively easier for you.

After that, only the writing part is left, try to spare few minutes to go over the text you have written, check it and correct your spelling mistakes etc.