Scoring in the TOEFL Exam 2020

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The range of scores on the CBT TOEFL Test is: 0 − 300. In other terms, the aggregate score is 300 points.

This breaks down in each section as a scaled score mentioned below:

  • Listening: 0 − 30
  • Structure/Writing: 0 − 30
  • Reading Comprehension: 0 − 30

The scores of essay in the Writing Section is covered in Structure score. The essay is graded on a scaled score of 0 to 6 with 6 being the highest possible scores in the Writing Section. Essay score is ⅙ of the aggregate test score.

Total Number of Questions and the rational time to complete each section are mentioned below:

  • Tutorials: 7 untimed tutorials describing the procedure of exam.
  • Listening: 30 to 49 questions with 15 − 25 minutes to answer the questions. 40 − 60 minutes to finish the overall section. When you are listening to the conversations as well as talks the clock will not be displayed.
  • Structure: 20 − 25 questions with 15 − 20 minutes to finish the questions.
  • Reading: 44 − 55 questions with 70 − 90 minutes to finish the section (including time spent on reading passages and answering questions).
  • Writing: One given essay topic, with 30 minutes to finish the essay.

Commonly Asked Question-If I Cancel My Scores, Can I Give the Test Again?

Candidates may give the CBT TOEFL test only once in a month, even if you took the test and cancelled your scores. For an instance, if you have given test in May, you have to wait until June to give the test again.

If you give the test more than once in a calendar month, your new scores will not be considered and your test fee will not be refunded. Ignorance of this policy may result in additional action being taken.