About UCO Exam

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India has largely developed itself in the field of IT. It has the maximum placements in the field. However the education in the computer field is not segmented. It is the basic knowledge that is provided. The advanced part of study is almost foregone. Howsoever now UCO (Unified Cyber Olympiad) is working for encouragement of computer education in Inida. It conducts test for students from class 2 to 10.

It encourages students to gain more knowledge of computers, increase their mental ability for the same, understand the logical reasoning part of computer and come in contact with problems relating to softwares, management, judgement and decision making.

Unified Cyber Olympiad (UCO) examination is held across the country with the following goals:

  • Encouraging the student to take interest in computer
  • Increasing knowledge about logicaal reasoning and computers
  • To develop a child with proficient knowledge regarding computers
  • Bringing about competition in computer education
  • Including logic, reasoning and mental ability in the learning process
  • Searching talented students of the field and evaluating them at the national level
  • Give the best and current knowledge of technology.

UCO will be conducted at two levels.

  • Level 1: The primary exam will be conducted in the respective school premises.
  • Level 2: At the next level, 500 students from every class will be selected who will appear for the exam at the nearest selected State Head Quarters/Main Towns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)