Recognition of Toppers by UCO

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Gold Medals & Cash Awards are awarded for the first 3 toppers in each Class.

  1. UCO-Topper from each class i.e.. The one who has scored 100% marks will be awarded with Rs. 2, 00, 000 cash prize each. In case more than one student gets 100% marks, the prize money will be distributed equally among the students. If there is no student who has scored 100% marks, then the student with highest percentage among all the students of his class will be awarded Each topper will get either this prize or the regular prize.

  2. The top 3 Rankers in each class will be awarded with a Tablet PC + a Memento + a Medal per student.

  3. The rankers standing from 4 − 10th position of each class will be awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 1000 each.

  4. The students standing at 11 − 25th position of each class will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 500.

Top 100 rankers from each class will be rewarded with 2 CD pack of Encyclopedia Britannica-Technology & Modern World and Quiz Master worth Rs. 1094 each.

Top 100 rankers from classes II-IX will be awarded with Reasoning Trainer Plus Book, a Medal and a certificate of appreciation.

All the top 100 rankers from all classes will be offered a discount coupon of 50% on DoorstepTutor.

The top 100 rankers will be given a Medal and a certificate of appreciation. All participants will be given Participation Certificate and Cyber Diagnostic Report (CDR).

Prizes for Zone Toppers

At zonal level also, prizes are awarded. The top 3 rankers in each Zone of the country are awarded with 2 CD of Encyclopedia Britannica-Technology & Modern World and Quiz Master of Rs. 1094 each, a Medal along with a certificate of appreciation.

Also ranks state wise are announced excluding the top 100 ranks across the country.

Certificates & Reports

For Students

Cyber Diagnostic Reports (CDR) are provided to all the students. This report include the following details:

  • Subject wise graphical representation of the skills possessed by the student.
  • The rank obtained at National level
  • The highest mark scored at the national level in the group.
  • The report basically aims to depict the strengths and weaknessess of the student. It gives the student a feedback in which areas he should work harder.
  • This Report, worth Rs. 15 is provided to all the participants FREE of cost.

For Schools

General School Cyber Diagnostic Report (GSCDR):

This report is basically for schools to evaluate their points of weaknesses or where they need to improve in teaching area. The report consists of a Histogram Graph which clearly pinpoints areas of weaknesses so that they can improve their students'performance in next trial. This report is provided free of cost to schools.

School Cyber Diagnostic Reports (SCDR), a free report, will provide school performance by segregating the questions for different skills (Subject wise and Class wise) and will help students'to improve performance in the future by marking the areas of weaknesses.

Merit/Participation Certificates

Merit/Participation Certificates will be provided to all the participants on the basis of their performance.