Syllabus of UNIFIED CYBER OLYMPIAD (UCO) 2020 (Class 7)

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Mental Ability

  • Rational numbers

  • Convert fractions to decimals and percents and use these representations in estimations , computations, and applications,

  • Calculate the percentage of increases and decreases of a quantity, commissions,

  • profit and loss,

  • Compute simple interest,

  • Express quantitative relationships by using algebraic terminology, expressions, Simple equations

  • Ratio and proportion

  • Data handling

  • Lines and angles

  • Triangles and its properties

  • Congruence of triangles

  • Perimeter and area

  • Symmetry

  • Practical geometry


  • Analogy

  • Series completion

  • Coding and decoding

  • Alphabet test

  • Mirror images

  • Formation of figures

  • Paper cutting

  • Grouping of identical figures

  • Odd one out

  • Analytical reasoning

  • Direction sense test

  • Mathematical reasoning

  • Jumbled words

  • Forming new words


  • Introduction to computer

  • Microsoft Excel Editing cell contents in MS Excel, Formatting Data in MS Excel,

  • Formulate in MS Excel

  • Advanced features of MS Excel

  • Creating Charts

  • Internet

  • Macromedia Flash

  • Drawing in Flash

  • Q Basics

  • Q Basic statements

General English

  • Vocabulary, Grammar and Correct usage.

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