Syllabus of UNIFIED CYBER OLYMPIAD (UCO) 2020 (Class 8)

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Mental Ability

  • Identify and use the properties of integers

  • Rational, Irrational and Real numbers

  • Concept of polynomials

  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide monomials and polynomials

  • Basic factoring techniques to second degree polynomials

  • Solve problems that involve discounts, Commissions, profit and loss

  • Compute simple and compound interest

  • Exponents and powers

  • Squares and square roots

  • Cubes and cube roots

  • Algebraic identities

  • Linear equations in one variable

  • Data handling

  • Understanding quadrilateral

  • Symmetry

  • Visualizing

  • Solid shapes

  • Perimeter and area


  • Analogy

  • Series completion

  • Coding and decoding

  • Alphabet test

  • Mirror images

  • Paper folding

  • Grouping of identical figures

  • Odd one out

  • Analytical reasoning

  • Direction sense test

  • Mathematical reasoning

  • Cubes and dice

  • Locating hidden words

  • Jumbled letters

  • Formation of new words


  • Review of computer basics

  • Computer Viruse - Types, Prevention, Antivirus, Updating virus definitions,

  • Q Basic- Looping statements, Graphics and Sound, Internet - Searching Information, Communication on the Internet,

  • Flash - Tools, Understanding timeline, Frames and Key frames, Layers and Animation,

  • HTML Basics - Introduction to HTML, HTML Elements - Tags and Attributes, Structure of an HTML Document, Creating an HTML

  • Document, Line Break <BR> Tag, Paragraph <P> Element, Horizontal Rule <HR> Element, Comment Element,

  • HTML Text - Text Elements, Address Tag, Pre Tag, Center Tag, Heading Tag, Font Tag, Base Font Tag Structure, Commands, ( Tables and Linking)

  • MS Access - Database and Fields, Modifying table designs.

General English

  • Vocabulary, Grammar and Correct usage.

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