USMLE 2020 Topic Breakdown

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The USMLE in their bulletin publishes a topic breakdown by organ system and subject.

  • Before you start studying for the exam, go through the following and review this information.
  • The paper is set containing questions of Pathology and Pharmacology (40% + together). The lesser portion deals with questions related to Pathophysiology/Physiology (20%).
  • The remaining 15 − 20% of the portion is covered by questions of Biochemistry and Genetics.
  • The question paper focuses nominally on topics related to Anatomy, Histology, Epidemiology, Nutrition and Embryology (usually 10 − 15% total for all of them).
  • It will be useful to you if you focus on the portions that form a larger component in the test instead of spending more time on the smaller components of the test paper.
  • This does not mean you are to disregard any portion but yes manage well your allotment of time.

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