What to Expect on Test day for USMLE

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The exam will be usually at the starting of the day.

Reach the test centre as per the time stated on your orange ticket.

Once you reach the centre, go to the prometric site on the front desk. There your orange ticket will be verified against your ID proof.

The waiting time there will be around 15 − 30 minutes because people taking various types of exam will be accompanying you and you all will be taken to the processing area one at a time.

Once you get to the processing area, you will be provided a 12 × 12x12 inch locker to put all your belongings in it. You may also keep food inside it if you have it with you. Do not forget to retain the ID proof with you.

Though the food store is there at the Prometric facility, its good if you carry your own food and store it in your vehicle or the provided locker.

You will be digitally photographed & information in record will be verified.

You are not allowed to carry anything in your hands so if you have extra clothing for the cold, you have wear it and proceed.

You can take it off once you are at your workstation should you get warm.

Prometric will provide you with earmuffs and with 4 laminated sheets of paper and dry erase markers for making notes.

You are allowed to navigate between sections of the exam as long as you stay within the break time allotted. You will be allowed to operate your locker during those breaks.

Computers do tend to go down from time to time at the Prometric site. While this is temporally disconcerting, at most of the times the system reboots itself and it is possible to complete the exam of all candidates in a day.

In case your exam is rescheduled for any reasons, you have all the right to reschedule the date within next few days as per your requirement and this should be absolutely free.

Online reports indicate that when you argue enough, the administrators arrange your exam at other local site without any cost for the same.

You have to remain active whole day, so managing your time well is the key to maintaining a grip on your sanity.

Depending upon people, some of them complete the paper in as much as 4 hours, others take full time of 8 hours to complete.

Use NBME practice test to familiarize yourself with the FRED system before you show up for the exam.

If you finish a section prior to the time alloted for that portion, that time will be added to your break time.

You may take the break time as per your likings whenever between the blocks you want to take them.

Even 5 minute breaks will be useful in refreshing your eyes between question sets but some students finished blocks quickly enough that they were able to finish 2 at a time before taking breaks.

Resist the urge to use every minute of every block if you finish early.

If you sit after completing the paper, you will be prompted to change your answers you have doubt upon:

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