General Tips for Preparation of USMLE 2019

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1. Find Out Your Weakness

  • The first and most important thing is ti find out the weak areas of yours as early as possible.

  • And from where you can start your preparation, because it is natural rule that every person take time for preparing anything in which they are particularly week.

  • So be honest with yourself and find and accepts your week area in particular topic from syllabus.

  • No one likes to study boring topics.

  • If you start with week area than it will be beneficial to you and only you because if you complete preparation of your week points then you can easily complete you other topics without stress because you are have interest in that topic and give better performance.

  • And if you prepare first a topic which you have more difficulty than you can spend quality time after it and become master of it.

  • So first make list of topics in which you have most difficulty and start preparation from that.

2. Find Out the “Time Sinks” and Try to Change Routines Which Are Almost Nearby Them

  • Second majeure thing, which is important for preparation or in regular life, is Time sinks.

  • Now a days we are habited to use different kind of technologies like Facebook, texts, email, games, TV etc. which is now become part of over life’s and we are wasting lots of time stupidly on them.

  • So for the sometime try to make distance from that kind of thing even if you are badly habited for it because it’s about your future.

  • Because you need good quality of time while preparing for USMLE.

  • With this you can maximize your study time and you can practice more which will positively affect you result.

  • We are not saying that don’t use technologies, but we are saying that use it as option for relaxation when you bore from study but few minutes.

3. Go through Every Topics Covers in Syllabus

  • For the best result, do not miss any topic covered in syllabus.

  • Because each and every point is important which is covered in syllabus that’s way it is in you syllabus, so do not miss any topic.

  • In USMLE exam most of the tricky questions asked so you have to aware of every topic.

4. Your First Priority Should Be Your Courses

  • While you are preparing for your makeup exams keep in mind that your first priority is your courses which you currently attending.

  • Try to make balance in study.

  • Give first importance to your course and also not equal but quality time for preparation of USMLE.

  • It will be better to dived time for both your course and USMLE in 60:40 rations.

  • Because to attend USMLE you must have to complete graduation in medical filed, so If you ignore you course and give more preference to USMLE then it might possible that you will not even eligible for USMLE.

5. Try to Align Your Coursework with a Review Materials of USMLE

  • It will be good practice to review your coursework with material which you are using for USMLE preparation.

  • Because USMLE material do not includes much brief details so it will be easy for you to review it with your course material that’s way you will get clear idea about any topic without any confusion.

  • And this technique will helps you to get good score.

  • By reviewing both the material your will get strong practice and become master of every particular topics.