Nagaland University, Lumami

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Nagaland University Was initiated with an aim to promulgate the need for empowerment of citizens of the state and enhancing thir standard of living. Initiated on 6th September 1994, this University is affiliated with 39 colleges and campuses in various locations of Kohima, Lumami and Medziphema, 25 departments, 4 school of studies, 18, 078 students, and 109 teaching staff members.

Administrative Profile


The university has the following departments:

  1. Department of Education

  2. Department of History and Archeology

  3. Department of Linguistics

  4. Department of English

  5. Department of Geology

  6. Department of Commerce

  7. Department of Botany.


The following subjects are offered by the university:

  1. Commerce

  2. Education

  3. English

  4. Geology

  5. Botany.

  6. History and Archeology

Associated Institutes

The associated institutes with Nagaland University are as follows:

  1. School of Agricultural Science and Rural Developments, Medziphema, Nagaland.

  2. Nagaland College of Teacher Education, Nagaland.

Contact Details

  • Nagaland University: 797 001 Kohima, Nagaland
  • Phone No: 228372 − 221331
  • Fax No: 0370 − 21331
  • Email: