Institute of Armament Technology, Pune

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Originally affiliated to the University of Pune, Institute of Armament Technology came into existence in 1952 for training few selected defense personnel on the technology of armaments.

The R&D council of the Ministry of Defence changed the scope of the institute from specialization in armaments to a broader perspective in the years 1964 and 1981.

Central government, on the recommendation of UGC granted IAT the status of being a Deemed University in the year 2000.

IAT is an institute that caters to the needs of defence related organizations like DRDO, Defence Quality Assurance, Defence Ordinance Factories, Defene Aeronautical Quality Assurance, by producing technically trained officers.

Courses Offered at Institute of Armament Technology

Eight postgraduate courses and several other specializations are offered by IAT are as under:

  1. ME (Mechanical-Guided Missiles) Eligibility: BE/BTech (Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical and Aeronautical)

  2. ME (Mechanical-Combat Vehicles) Eligibility: BE/BTech (Mechanical)

  3. ME (Mechanical-Marine Engineering) Eligibility: BE/BTech

  4. ME (Mechanical-Weapons) Eligibility: BE/BTech (Mechanical)

  5. ME (Mechanical-Air Armament) Eligibility: BE/BTech (Mechanical Engineering)

  6. ME (Electrical & Telecommunication-Naval Weapons) Eligibility: BE/BTech (Electrical/Electronics Engineering)

  7. MTech (Modelling & Simulation) Eligibility: Masters Degree in Physics/Mathematics/Statistics/Operations Research/Computer Science

  8. MTech (Lasers & Electro-Optics)


  • Masters Degree in Physics/Applied Physics/Electronics/Electronic Science
  • BE/BTech/BSc (Engineering)/Electronics/Electrical/Communication/Tele-Communication/Electronics
  • Communication Engineering/Engineering Physics

Other Specialized Courses

  1. Technical Staff Officers Course (Army)

  2. Tank Technology Course

  3. Naval Technical Staff Course

  4. Technical Staff Officers Course (Air Force)

  5. Aerospace Quality Assurance & Management Course

  6. High Energy Materials Course

  7. Indian Ordnance Factory Service Officers Course

  8. Armored Vehicle Technology Course

  9. Aircrew Ejection System Course

  10. Aircraft Weapon Delivery Systems Course

  11. Modern Air Weapons Course

  12. Air Launched Missile Course

  13. Marine Propulsion Control Technology Course

  14. Naval Weapon & Missile Technology, Course

  15. Integrated Foundation & Orientation Course

  16. Guided Weapons Course for Senior Officers

  17. Deputy Armament Supply Officers Course

  18. Guided Weapons Introductory Course for Naval Officers (Foreign)

  19. EMI/EMC Course

  20. Quality Assurance & Reliability Engineering Course

Other than these courses, few Continuing Education Programs (CEP) are conducted every year on defence related topics. Few PhD courses are also offered in IAT.


Institute of Armament Technology has a well equipped library. It has good research facilities in the following fields:

  • Experimental Stress Analysis

  • Shock & Vibration

  • Fracture Mechanics & Material Sciences

  • Laser Technolgoy

  • Propulsion

  • Combat Vehicles Shed with Tracked & Wheeled Vehicles

  • Naval Technical Complex with Marine Engineering Lab

  • Naval Experimental Bay

  • Sonar & Communication Lab

  • Air Hanger with Avionics Labs and Air Armament Bay

  • Aerodynamics Lab

  • Guided Missiles Lab/Workshop


Few important laboratories of IAT are:

  • Combat Vehicles Shed with Tracked & Wheeled Vehicles

  • Artillery Shed with Weapons Demo Facility

  • Naval Technical Complex with Marine Engineering Laboratory

  • Naval Experimental Bay

Contact Details of IAT

  • Institute Of Armament Technology, Girinagar, Pune-411 025 (Maharashtra).
  • Phone No. 599550
  • Fax: 020 − 599509
  • E-mail:

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