Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthinilayam

Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning was a dream fostered in the mind of the much revered Sathya Sai Baba which finally turned to reality on 22nd November, 1981. Primarily this University is a union of three colleges at Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh), Whitefield (Karnataka) and Prasanthinilayam (Andhra Pradesh) which were also initiated by Sathya Sai Baba. Presently, it functions as an independent institution controlled by the Ministry of Education, Govt. Of India and has become a Deemed University, a status conferred by the University Grants Commission (UGC) Act.

The primitive ‘Gurukula’ system of teaching is in exercise at the Sri Sathya Institute of Higher Learning which strived to maintain the most important moral values like truth, religion, discipline, integrity, respect, kindness, non-violence etc which are a prior condition to live a complete life. The institute follows a pure and transparent system of admission, admitting students purely on merit, refraining to adhere to the taboos of caste, creed or color. This attracts students from all over India as well as from foreign to seek admission in this hallowed seat of learning.

As the institute clinges to the values while imparting the most modern and useful education to its students, the institute is brimming with success stories to give to its students the life of punctuality, discipline and excellence. The students of the institute excel in every area whether it is of academics, annual functions or any other. The convocation of the institute is held on 22nd November (foundation day) every year where the Chancellor, the Sai Baba himself is the convener of the convocation meeting. The institute ensures that every student passing off the institute is firstly a good a human being, who is kind, compassionate, patriotic and noble.

Highlights of Institute

The following are the unique features of the Institute:

  • Residential

  • Open Admission Policy

  • Merit Based Selection

  • Free Education

  • English Medium

  • Development of Scientific Research

  • Integrated Courses

  • Favorable Teacher Pupil Ratio

  • Maximum Number of Working Days


The following are the facilities provided by the Institute:

  • Games and Sports

  • Physical Activities

  • Cultural Activities

  • Computer & Advanced Research in Computer Science Applications

  • Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing

  • Doctoral Programs in Science, Business Management, Arts, English & Telugu

Contact Address

Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning

  • Vidya Giri, Prasanthinilayam-515134 Prasanthinilayam, Andhra Pradesh
  • Tele No. 08555 − 87239
  • Fax No: 08555 − 87390

Campuses of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning

  • Prasanthinilayam for Men

  • Anantapur for Women

  • Brindavan for Men

Departments of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning

  • Department of Arts

  • Department of Business & Finance Management

  • Department of Science

  • Department of Social Sciences


The courses taught in the aforesaid campuses are:

Prasanthinilayam Campus (For Men)

Phone No: 08555 − 87235

Under Graduate Courses: (Duration-3 years)

  • B. A. with one of the following subjects being the major subject during third year; Economics, History, Political Science, Optional English

  • BSc (Hons.) Mathematics

  • BSc (Hons.) Physics

  • BSc (Hons.) Chemistry

  • BSc (Hons.) Bio-sciences

  • BSc (Hons.) Economics

Post Graduate Courses: (Duration-2 years)

  • M A English Language & Literature

  • MSc Mathematics

  • MSc Physics

  • MSc Chemistry

  • MSc Biosciences

Professional Courses

  • M. B. A (Master of Business Administration). -Duration 2 years

  • M. F M (Master of Financial Management) -Duration 2 years

  • M. Tech. Computer Science-Duration 1 ½ years

Post Graduate Diploma Course: (Duration-1 year)

  • Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Indian Culture and Philosophy’ (PGDICAP)

Anantapur Campus (For Women)

Phone No: 08554 − 72567

Under Graduate Courses: (Duration-3 years)

  • B. A. with one of the following subjects being the major subject during third year; History, Economics, Philosophy, Political Science, Optional English, Optional Telugu

  • Bachelor of Home Science

  • BCom (Hons.)

  • BSc (Hons.) Mathematics

  • BSc (Hons.) Physics

  • BSc (Hons.) Chemistry

  • BSc (Hons.) Botany

  • BSc (Hons.) Zoology

Post Graduate Courses

  • M A English Language & Literature

  • M A Telugu Language & Literature

  • Master of Home Science

Professional Course: (Duration-1 year)

  • B. Ed (Bachelor of Education).

Brindavan Campus (For Men)

Phone No: 080 − 845 2329

Under Graduate Courses: (Duration-3 years)

  • BCom (Hons.)

  • BSc (Hons.) Mathematics

  • BSc (Hons.) Physics

  • BSc (Hons.) Chemistry

  • BSc (Hons.) Biosciences

Discussions & Questions

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    1 Answer

    It depends on the college that you are applying for and varies with each college.

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