YashwantRao Chavan Open University (YCMOU)

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Yashwant Rao Chavan Open University (YCMOU) was initiated in July 1989. The initiation was a result of an act promulgated by the Maharashtra State Legislature. With its jurisdiction over the whole of Maharashtra, YCMOU has 8 regional centers situated in cities like Amaravati, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nanded, Nasik and Pune from where it takes actions. It also has about 1400 study centers all over the state.

Around 200 different courses are offered in this institute with interaction in English, Hindi and Marathi. At present, there are 4 lacs students which are registered with the institute and every year almost 1 lacs students enroll for higher studies. It is the 5th Open University of India, which is as flexible as other open universities with regards to eligibility and admission, but follows strict rules for examinations.

Schools of Study at YCMOU

The Schools of Study and divisions of YCMOU providing academic programs include-

  • Academic Services Division

  • School of Agricultural Science

  • School of Commerce and management

  • School of Computer Science

  • School of Continuing Education

  • School of Education

  • School of Human and Social sciences

  • School of Health Sciences

  • School of Science and Technology

Courses at YCMOU

These divisions and Schools offer the following courses:

Ph. D Programs

  • Communication

  • Educational Communication

  • Distance Education

Master's Degree

  • Arts

  • Science

  • Commerce

  • Business Administration

  • Education (M. Ed)

  • Library and Information Science

  • communication

  • Educational Communication

Bachelor's Degree

  • Education (B. Ed for in service teachers)

  • Arts

  • Commerce

  • Library Science

Diploma Degree

  • Computerized Business Computing

  • Office Automation

  • Advance Software Technology

  • Computer Operations

  • Office Services

  • Technology for Exports

  • School Management

  • Computer Technology

  • Communication Engineering

  • Instrumentation Engineering

  • Industrial Electronics

  • Fruit Production

  • Vegetable Production

  • Floriculture & Landscape Gardening

Certificate Courses

  • B. Ed/B. P. Ed. Third Method

  • Programming in C

  • Programming in Foxpro

  • Word Processing (word)

  • spreadsheets (Excel)

  • PC Data bases Programming

  • DTP

  • CAD

  • Computerized Financial Accounting

  • Word Star

  • Computer Basics

  • Engineering Vocation: Mason, Plumber, Fitter (General), Two Wheeler Mechanics, Domestic Wireman, Lathe Operator, Radio & Tape-recorder

  • Industrial Painting Technician

  • Journalism

  • Preparatory for entry to degree

Administrative Official at YCMOU

Vice Chancellor is the head at the administration level followed by the Pro-vice chancellor, Executive Directors, Directors of School Studies. The next in the hierarchy level comes teachers and librarians.


Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University

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