New Rules for Award of MPhil, PhD Degrees (Download PDF)


The human resource development ministry has set new rules for award of MPhil and PhD the research degrees at Indian universities. Several rules for women have been changed by HRD such as 240-day maternity break from their studies.

The new rules will take the place of a “proper system” for doctoral studies and streamline their administration, duration and quality. The rules are also proposed to allow women better flexibility in pursuing research.

In India approximately 107, 890 students were pursuing PhD in 2013 - 14 which was less than 0.4 % of the total student enrolment in the country. And only 3, 335 women have pursued a PhD.

Some notable changes are:

(1) MPhil duration: Minimum two sequential semesters or one year, and a maximum of four sequential semesters or two years.

(2) PhD duration: Minimum three years, with course work, and a maximum of six years. Delay above the limit will be directed by statute or ordinance of the individual institution.

(3) Number scholars per supervisor of PhD have been fixed at 8 for professor, 6 for associate professor and 4 for assistant professor. Earlier it was eight per supervisor.

(4) Number scholars per supervisor of MPhil have been fixed at 3 for professor, 2 for associate professor and 1 for assistant professor. Earlier it was five per supervisor.

(5) Only a full-time regular teacher of the concerned university/college can be supervisor. It means for the core supervisor of a research scholar an external, visiting, adjunct or part-time teacher in a university is not eligible. But, a co-supervisor can be permitted in inter-disciplinary areas.

(6) For women scholars special provisions have been provided such as the course period has been relaxed by two years for PhD and one year for MPhil courses. It is also applicable for the physically handicapped candidates with 40 % disability.

(7) During the entire duration of their MPhil/PhD programmes women candidates are allowed to take maternity leave, or child-care leave up to 240 days.

(8) Transformation of research data is also allowed for women candidate due to relocations to new institutions. So if due to any personal or professional reasons women have to change her resident then they can shift their research work from one university to another close to her where she is moving.

So based on new rules many women will inspire to get enroll in doctoral programs even if they are getting married or build a family while pursuing their studies.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 30, 2016

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