Arts & Commerce Students May Get to Do BsC Nursing (Download PDF)

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In a marriage of the sciences and liberal arts as well as accounting, the Indian Nursing Council (INC) -the umbrella decision-making body for all nursing courses and registered nurses-plans to alter entry norms for this professional programme. It has framed draft rules permitting students from the arts and commerce streams to sign up for the BSc nursing course.

  • The four-year course was till now open only to students who finished Class XII with science. They had to then clear a competitive entrance test. If the draft comes into effect, all Class XII pass-outs with a score of at least 45 % would be eligible to appear for the entrance test to join the professional course in colleges across India.
  • The draft amendment was brought about after a decision was taken to stop the diploma course of GNM (general nursing and midwifery) from 2021. This programme would admit students of all streams, and most graduates after finishing the three-year programme would largely get placed in nursing homes.
  • As per the draft, the new BSc nursing programme will have 60 additional lecture hours for arts and commerce graduates to bring them on a par with their counterparts who pursued science till Class XII. The All India Government Nurses Federation feels that won՚t be enough.
  • The duration for teaching anatomy & physiology has been reduced in the new draft curriculum. That too has not gone down well with college heads.

- Published/Last Modified on: January 7, 2020

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