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If there is a secret to getting high marks, it’s a simple one. All you need to do is prepare well and in the best possible circumstances. Oh? That’s it? Yes, but. ‘But’ means the part that comes now isn’t as simple. But, to create ideal circumstances you need to get rid of the roadblocks. Once you buy yourself extra time, it’s important to know how to benefit from it. The extra time helps to relax. This means you can stay calm. Composure is everything. Calmness makes confident. So, how to score good marks?

How to Get Highest Mark Exam Paper?

How to Get Highest Mark Exam Paper?

How to Get Highest Mark Exam Paper?

Tips to Prepare the Best Exam

1) Attitude

A good student is a package. It’s an attitude. The preparation for a successful exam starts from the first day you enroll. Let me explain this. If you only get into student mode when exams approach, all you’re trying to do is getting into character. Being a student is like a role, an actor pretending. But a real student is a student from the word Go. He or she IS a student:

  • . This student knows how half of the exam material already gets absorbed during classes. So, skipping classes or paying no attention is out of the question.
  • Course. The books and course material provided are only rough tools. Own notes make it personal and connect the info, joins it. You write your courses yourself.
  • Homework and tests. By keeping up and regularly testing yourself, you know exactly where you stand. Use practice tests online.

With this mainframe, upcoming exams won’t be as daunting. You studied all the time, it’s a habit. You are in control and just need to fill out the details.

2) Daily routine

Just like with any career studying is a job. You will need enough sleep, relaxation, good food, and sufficient hydration, a fixed time to set your alarm and go to bed in the evening.

How that schedule looks like is up to you. As long as it’s a schedule you stick to and focuses on study time. But roughly it needs to consist of this:

  • Wake-up time. Let’s say at 6 o’clock. Every day!
  • Breakfast. Make sure you eat healthily and drink enough water.
  • Study time. Until lunch, just as any 9 - 5 job.
  • Lunch break. Try for 1 hour and go out for a short walk.
  • Afternoon session. Till 5 or 6 pm.
  • Dinner and relax. Make sure you go to bed on time. Sleeping is your best friend.

This schedule is an example. You are an individual. Use a schedule that fits you. Important is that you have a schedule, and that resembles that of a working person.

A good way to unload a bit is to delegate some tasks. Websites that write essays, such as, relieve you from the pressure to write the perfect paper. You need your precious time to prepare for that important exam.

Another thing to realize is that you can’t concentrate forever.

3) Concentration time

  • You study in the morning and again in the afternoon. Does this mean 2 blocks of 3 to 4 hours of non-stop concentration? Impossible! There are many theories about how long the human brain can stay focused. Some say 30 minutes; others suggest 45 minutes. Let’s presume it differs from individual to individual. And you have to find out yourself.
  • No harm is done if you try out several scenarios. Try to study for 30 minutes and take a 5 to 10 minutes’ break. Try 45 minutes, with a 15 minutes’ break. Try different ways, until you feel comfortable and productive.
  • Just don’t force your concentration. It’s important to start preparing exams well before the deadline, so you won’t feel like you have to study hours in a row to make it.

4) Start on time

  • We already talked about this. Preparing exams starts the moment you enroll for your course. This is the biggest secret, the key to getting all the best exam results. When the so-called hit the books time arrives, the time to CRAM for most students, you will smile. Half of your hitting the books time will be revising what you already know and fill out possible blanks. But not starting from scratch.
Concentration time

Concentration Time

Concentration time


  • These tips are not meant for students who prefer to wait until only cramming is an outcome. Students who want to party and “have fun” all the time. No, the tips provided are for students who see themselves as students. As professionals on a mission to succeed. When applying the tips, you will have fun preparing for exams, writing papers, doing research, and so on. Hard to believe?
  • When you are in control, any task can be fun. When feeling overwhelmed, everything is too much.
  • A student’s goal should be to know as much as the professor knows. Because the goal is you to become that professional. Your studying style must reflect this. Cramming is stuffing information where there is no room. This style will at best get you to pass exams, but you will forget the knowledge very fast. It won’t stick. Continuously feeding the little gray cells is the way to train your memory and attention skills. I wish you all the best for exam or exam paper!

Written By: Olha Porterm

* DISCLAIMER: This guest post is sponsored by Paperell and does not represent the views and opinions of Examrace.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 20, 2019

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