How to Download & Install Examrace/Doorsteptutor/Flexiprep App on Your Phone Home Screen? (Download PDF)

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App for the website can be installed using the following three step process. Using similar process, you can install and as apps. Through this process you can install this app easily.

Step 1: Open browser in your cell phone.

Step 2: Write in address bar. Open Examrace webpage in screen. Click on () more options symbol.

Examrace Page

Step 3: Click ″ Add to Home Screen ″ on the menu.

Examrace Page Third Step

Step 4: Click ″ Add ″ button when prompted by the next dialog.

Fourth Step of Examrace Page

After a short delay, Examrace would be added to one of your home screens. Now you can browse Examrace by clicking “Examrace” icon on your screen.

- Published/Last Modified on: January 23, 2018

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