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We all know customwritings. com to be a leader in essay writing and proofing. Their “How to Write” section now provides great self-help solutions for all your writing needs. Includes writing samples on variety of subjects. Contains guides to writing and punctuation and presents users an option for checking their own content. For a small fee also provides writing services to users. You can access this great resource by clicking here. If you are not convinced then read on.

Let’s Start

The web-page contains many subjects like Humanities, Social Sciences, Business Studies and Natural Sciences. You will also find Topic Ideas, Writing Guide and Samples. They deal with many types of the papers- Essays, summaries, outlines, questions, and answers.

If you are losing your marks for the reason of writing and formatting, then you own it to yourself to must visit them at least once.

Useful Tools for Every Writer

There are 6 most important tools. You can find them in the Free Tools section

  • Plagiarism Checker

  • Bibliography Generator

  • College GPA Calculator

  • Words to Minute Converter

  • Words to Page Converter

  • Thesis Statement Generator

Plagiarism Checker

  • There is the box where you can insert text for analysis (Only in English).

  • In that box you have to write at least 1000 characters of your content. Rest assure your privacy is maintained and your content is not saved anywhere.

  • You can also find the messaging option to get more feedback through live chat, call, or Facebook messenger.

Bibliography Generator

  • In this tool you have to fill in the relevant details from your references.

  • With the details filled in your Bibliography is automatically will be generated.

College GPA Calculator

  • Do you want to know how well you’ve performed this semester? This tool will help you calculate your semester GPA.

  • You have to add course name and then you have to mention the grades or percentage along with the credits.

  • You will magically get the GPA of your passed semester.

Words to Minute Converter

  • With this tool you can find number of words you can type per minute.

  • For e. g. you can type 90 words in a minute. Then for typing 2586 word how much time will you take?

Words to Page Converter

This tool formats your text according to the specification. Great for quick formatting of those homework assignments.

Thesis Statement Generator

We all know the importance of the research statement- right research statement is all it takes to drive your research to success. This tool helps you do just that. It helps you create a strong thesis statement clearly expressing ideas in your paper.

Tricks and Samples

As if this was not enough the site contains:

  • Many samples on how to write papers, reports, essays, answers, and assignments.

  • Detailed tips on how to cope with the most challenging paper. You can find images for the related content.

  • Tricks for writing term paper. There are some sample contents to understand the tricks needed to write the paper.

  • Presentation images for the required topics. You can also find points to reduce errors in writing.

  • Tips to improve vocabulary and to write in the proper format.

  • Expert reviews on writing skills. You will also find the term paper writing tips from agency writers. The following is an example of the same.

Image shows Tricks and Samples

Image Shows Tricks and Samples

Image shows Tricks and Samples

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- Published/Last Modified on: July 25, 2019

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