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There are plenty of times where one is unable to be physically present at a place due to various circumstances. Hence the availability of online resources proves to be of great help. The current situations have compelled people around the world to adapt to the virtual method of communication hence the use of online resources has gained a forefront.

ITO Olympiad Winners

Olympiads and various other competitive exams are now being conveniently held online so that people can still learn and grow and keep on progressing in their field of interest.

The Olympiads held by The Indian Talent Olympiad are among the best in the entire nation and the organization has been offering its services for over eight years as a result of which it is well versed with conducting the exams smoothly and efficiently making sure that the students receive all the resources that they rightly require. However hard the times be we persevere and post this perseverance lies the results of hard work in form of opportunities and success.

This is the time when one can spare time to master things ahead or extra-curriculars. Olympiads focus on providing students with an opportunity to gain an edge above their peers. The exam syllabus of the Olympiads are closely tailored to suit the student՚s need keeping their standards in mind, makes the Olympiad accessible to all students of classes one to ten irrespective of their boards. It helps to improve their approach to the subject, the logical reasoning ability, understanding and moreover, improves their academic results as well.

How to Enroll?

The Olympiads by Indian Talent Olympiads serve as the student՚s platform a showcase for their skills and ability, perfected or on its way to perfection achieved via hard work, effort and diligent practice. We are very grateful to all the students who put in their hard work to make the event a success. One can easily register for the Olympiad at the official website of ITO Registration.

  • The exam fees are as less as ₹ 150.
  • A student has an option to choose from eight subjects to appear for, more than one option can be chosen as well.
  • Some exams are two-tier exams in which students have the flexibility to choose a convenient time slot of the two given, upon clearance of which they are eligible to appear for tier two exams.
  • The exams are held both monthly as well as annually, students have the option to enroll via their school under a subject teacher՚s guidance, or register individually.
  • The process is quite simple and assistance can be offered upon requirement.
  • To further ease a student into the system of things, a vast resource of previous year question papers and specially tailored workbooks are also made available on the website. It provides the students with exposure to the possible variety of questions and focuses on chapter wise approach to subjects to better guide an individual.
  • The question papers are set by a core group of experts in the respective subject with an aim to bring the best out of students. The papers are set in an MCQ format to prepare the student for future competitive exams and the environments help to cope and perform well despite the pressure.
  • The exam as well as resources can be easily availed on any digital media as mobile, laptop, PC and tablets.
  • The results can be easily availed on the website itself, by entering the students roll number, the option to get the digital certificate is provided as well right beside it should the student be among top rankers and holds merit it would be declared on the same page.
  • The results provided are detailed to guide the student to improve upon the weak parts and work strategically. Besides this to further provide an incentive to excel, the exams offer the student an opportunity to win prestigious scholarships, laptop, tablet and many other exciting prizes besides the certificate which are provided to all participating individuals.

Awards & Prizes

The summary of prizes based upon merit are as follows:

  • Eight National levels Rank 1 holders earn a cash prize of ₹ 1,00, 000.
  • Ten National Level Rank 2 holders win the prize of ₹ 40,000.
  • Ten subsequent National Level Rank holders are awarded laptops.
  • Hundred subsequent National Rank holders earn themselves tablets.
  • State-level holders of rank 1 - 10 are given merit certificates, with gold medals and scholarships.
  • Three class toppers of respective standards, are awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze medals based upon their standing of merit in the exam.
  • District level toppers are acknowledged as well, with certificates and medal.

Besides this Indian Talent Olympiad maintains a winners gallery. To keep a record of the hardworking individuals who stood out thanks to their perseverance and dedicated efforts.

It serves to acknowledge the efforts put in by those individuals and provides them with a boost of morale as well as inspires the upcoming batch of budding individuals with their skills dedication and love for their field of interest.

In the past eight-plus years, more than 33,175 + schools across India have registered to participate in the Olympiad exams conducted by the Indian Talent Olympiad. Millions of students have appeared to take part in these exams. And every year thousands of students have been awarded prizes, it gives us immense joy to acknowledge and appreciate these bright young minds and we look forward to rewarding more participants this year as well.

Ms P. T. Usha, the renowned Indian Olympic athlete, a Padmashree awardee, and the head of the Indian Talent Olympiad advisory committee has also praised this effort of the organization and the participating students, expressing her warm regards and many congratulations, to all the participating individuals, rankers and achievers, her message can be seen on the official website of Olympiad Organization.

Winners at ITO Award Ceremony

The registrations to the Olympiads held by Indian Talent Olympiads are now open and one can enroll themselves to evaluate their understanding of subjects and receive valuable feedback upon it and stand an opportunity to win exciting prizes. Many greetings and best wishes.

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